Tim’s Vermeer

Posted on April 6, 2014


Tim’s Vermeer – (Documentary) A talented, successful inventor Tim Jenison is interested in Dutch artist Vermeer’s painting technique. How is it that Vermeer’s paintings have so much light almost as if they were photographs? He decides to test his theory that the painter used a camera obscura (dark room) with a mirror device. Directed by Teller and produced by Penn, Jenison travels to Vermeer’s hometown in Holland and Buckingham Palace doing research. He then recreates in painstaking detail Vermeer’s “The Music Lesson.”

Founder of NewTek, a visual imaging software company, Jenison believes that art and technology are not that far apart. He appears to be an unpretentious (his jeans look like they came from WalMart) kind of guy who is both smart and rich and uses his money to help satisfy his curiosity. Pretty cool.