The Single Moms Club

Posted on March 24, 2014


The Single Moms Club – When their kids are about to be expelled from a prep school, five single moms are forced to work together on a project. They realize they share some of the same problems and decide to start a club to help one another out. They end up learning about each other, about their kids and about themselves. This is a LOL funny movie as well as having a few gentle moments. The bickering between Lytia and Jan is the best part.

It covers dead-beat, disappointing dads and hot new boyfriends. Eddie Cibrian is just so sleazy and smarmy as Santos, an ex-husband, and William Levy as Manny is his replacement. All the lovely ladies wear six inch heels and walk like they’re wearing six inch heels. Produced, directed and written by Tyler Perry. There’s no denying that he is a fine-looking man, but I wonder why he always has to have someone mention this.