Posted on March 8, 2014


Gloria – Gloria (Paulina Garcia) is a mixture of a gay-as-in-happy and a desperate divorcee. She has two adult children and one small grandson, a mediocre job and a love of dancing. She meets Rodolfo, (Sergio Hernandez) newly divorced with two children. It seems perfect for a short time, but soon Gloria finds Rodolfo just can’t let go of his needy family and, though he finds Gloria exciting and new, he doesn’t really want to.

Filmed in Santiago, “Gloria” contains female and male frontal nudity with some pretty convincing sex scenes. Those foreigners. Subtitled, too.

It’s very well acted with a couple of nifty scenes – one where she wakes up on beach without remembering how she got there and the other when she gets her revenge on Rodolfo. At the end, Gloria realizes she’s perfectly fine dancing by herself. And, yes, you get to hear Gloria played which makes you feel like dancing.