Winter’s Tale

Posted on February 14, 2014


Winter’s Tale – In 1895, a young couple denied entry to the US set their son in a small replica of a ship- think baby Moses-and set him adrift to the New York shore. It appears that young Peter Lake (Colin Farrell) was raised by Pearly Soames (Russell Crowe) who may be a demon set on reducing miracles. Peter separates himself from the dark side and Pearly wants him dead. While breaking into a home – he’s a thief and quite good at it – Peter meets the lovely Beverly Penn (Jessica Brown Findlay). He soon gets to rescue her from Soames by riding in on a white horse. Not only is it a white horse but it has wings. Peter and Beverly immediately fall in love. She’s dying from consumption.

This discusses time and distance, how we’re all connected by “the light” or something eternal. There’s mystery, magic and miracles. Do we become stars when we die? It doesn’t give any answers just poses the questions. Colin Farrell is absolutely irresistible although he really needs to lose that weird haircut; Crowe is gravely Godfather-ish. The very beautiful Eva Saint Marie has a cameo as the 100+ year old Little Willa, and Will Smith is Lucifer.