The Monuments Men

Posted on February 9, 2014


Monuments Men:  Frank Stokes (George Clooney) heads a team of men tasked with finding stolen art during WW II and returning it to its rightful owners.  This will appeal to the over 40 folks.  It has history, humor and a bit of American prideful swagger.

Based on a true story, the Monuments Men were instrumental in saving over five million pieces of art.  Clooney has a couple of moving speeches on how without a country’s art, its history and culture are destroyed.  At one point, he’s asked whether a man’s life is worth a piece of art.  These are masterpieces we’re talking about – Bruges Madonna & Child, Ghent Altarpiece, some Rembrandts, some Monets, some Picassos.  He decides it is.  Someone once said that without art, we are but monkeys with car keys.

Mostly treated with a light-hearted  approach, it has a wonderful ensemble cast:  Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, John Goodman, Bill Murray, Jean Dujardin, Bob Balaban, and Hugh Bonneville.  Blanchett is especially good as a stiff, frightened aide to the resistance movement.