Inside Llewyn Davis

Posted on January 12, 2014


Inside Llewyn Davis – Why would anyone want to mug a folksinger?  That’s the premise the Coen Brothers say they started with.   Inspired by a real songwriter’s gloomy life, it’s shot in grey tones.

Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) is a down on his luck folksinger, bumming smokes and crashing with friends.  He sings in smoke-filled coffeehouses, and loses out to his much lesser talented competition.  A dark-haired Carey Mulligan (Jean) cusses a lot because she may be pregnant by Llewyn instead of her husband Jim (Justin Timberlake).  JT does a great job with his five minute appearance.  Garrett Hedlund (Johnny Five) drives a car and smokes.  John Goodman (Roland Turner) has maybe two good lines.   The rest of the time he looks vacant.  There’s several blank stares from others, a lot of long pauses, and a cat that keeps running away.   Frankly, it’s quite a  disappointment.  The music by T. Bone Burnett is awesome, however, so you may just want to buy the soundtrack.

I can’t help but think the Coen Bros. thumbed their noses at us.  If you stay through the credits, the last thing you see is the rear end of a horse.  Coincidence?  I think not.