Posted on January 11, 2014


Her  – Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix – looking a lot like Johnny Galecki of Big Bang Theory)  is a writer at Romantic Letters.com for people who can’t express their emotions.   He’s sad and mopey, in process of divorce due in part to being withdrawn and unemotional.  Though not stated, it appears to be set in the near future with everyone talking mainly to their phones.

Theo lives in a high rise with an amazing view, has phone sex – there’s an app for that, plays games on a gigantic screen and wears these really high-waisted pants.  He develops a relationship with an AI – artificial intelligence aka operating system named Samantha voiced by Scarlett Johansson.   Her personality comes across as warm and sexy, and cool and controlled.  At first I thought this was about how disconnected we are becoming from each other thanks to all our technology.  And it sort of is.  It loses its point somewhere and  ends with talk of universal love and “space between words” – all Rumi and Deepak Chopra-like.  Theo does evolve and so does Sam.

Directed by Spike Jonze so you expect a little strange stuff from him.  Amy Adams plays long time friend Amy.   Olivia Wilde has a small part as a slightly crazed date.  Rooney Mara is ex-wife Catherine.  It’s nominated for some Golden Globes.  Phoenix does do a great job of carrying the majority of the load.