Posted on December 14, 2013


Nebraska – Aging, slightly confused and maybe with a touch of dementia, Woody Grant (Bruce Dern) starts walking to Lincoln, Nebraska to collect his $1 million winnings after receiving a letter from a Publishers Clearinghouse-like company.  After bringing him back home several times, his son David (Will Forte) decides to play along and drive him there.  On the way, circumstances force them to spend a few nights with relatives, and they meet up with old acquaintances.  Once family and friends think that Woody is rich, they remember how much they helped him in the past and want to share in his winnings.

This is filled with characters who, unfortunately, may be more real than we’d like to admit.  Two cousins  say they made an 850 mile trip in eight hours by automobile.  Woody’s wife, Kate (June Squibb), has nothing good to say about anyone and she’s absolutely LOL funny.  While visiting the cemetery, she describes one woman as really ugly and when her son  asks how she died, she says “She looked in the mirror one day.”  Although Woody was a drinker and a bad father, David finds out he was also a drinker and a good man.

It’s filmed in a soft black and white which adds a lot to the overall texture of the Midwestern landscape. An authentic feeling movie with a  sweet ending.  I look forward to seeing Mr. Dern at the Academy Awards.