The Best Man Holiday

Posted on November 15, 2013


The Best Man Holiday – It’s about friendship, faith, family, football,  forgiveness, and using other “f” words.  It’s about life and death with pretty women (Nia Long, Regina Hall) and even prettier men.  We’re talking major eye candy with Taye Diggs (Harper), Morris Chestnut (Lance), and dimpled Eddie Cibrian (Brian, token white guy).

Lance’s wife wants to reconnect with college friends over a long Christmas weekend.  Unbeknownst to them, she’s dying of cancer.   Harper hasn’t had a best seller in a while, wife is pregnant.  Julian (Harold Perrineau, Jr.) finds out his former stripper wife may have done a porn movie..  Football star Lance scores winning touchdown, sets a record in yards rushing and Tebows it.  It’s a teeny bit weepy but overall it’s a comedy.   Terrence Howard is a hoot as he smokes a little weed and tells it straight.  Some really good music.  Loved when the guys did a lip-sync and dance.  I think they referred to it as “air band”, like “air guitar.”  It’s a sequel to Malcolm Lee’s The Best Man, which I don’t remember seeing but I think I will.