Enough Said

Posted on November 11, 2013


Enough Said – A grown-up romantic comedy.  Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is divorced with a soon-to-be-college-bound daughter who meets Albert (James Gandolfini) who is divorced with a daughter on her way to college.  They start a fun, easy relationship.  At the same time, she meets Marianne (Catherine Keener) and strikes up a friendship.  Marianne constantly complains about her ex and all his faults.  Pretty soon, Eva realizes that Albert is Marianne’s ex, but she doesn’t let on to either of them that she knows this.

Louis-Dreyfus is part Elaine, part Katie Couric, just funny and cute. And Gandolfini is sweet and kind.  I liked this movie a lot.   It’s about people realizing that everyone’s different and there are different dynamics going on.  Just because you’re not her/his cup of tea doesn’t mean you aren’t someone else’s.