Bad Grandpa

Posted on November 2, 2013


Bad Grandpa – This is like a Candid Camera movie.  It follows 86-year-old Grandpa Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville) and his eight year old grandson Billy (Jackson Nicoll) cross country to North Carolina .  Hidden cameras track them as grandpa is supposedly taking the kid back to his worthless dad since his worthless mom is in jail.   I especially liked the Little Miss Pageant bit where Billy dresses in  a sweet little girl costume then proceeds to  do a striptease and a knock-out dance with a pole.  The funeral home part is worth watching, too.

Some of it’s hilarious.  Some of it’s crude and tasteless, which is what you expect with Jackass Productions.  When it comes out on video, get yourself some pizza and beer and you’ll laugh even more.  The little boy did a great job at acting – some of it seemed as if it was his actual reaction and it may have been.