Runner Runner

Posted on October 6, 2013


Runner Runner – Richie Furst (Justin Timberlake) is trying to earn a Masters degree in finance from Princeton after flaming out on Wall Street.  In order to pay his tuition he has a little online poker thing going on.  Finding he was cheated by the biggest gambling website, he goes to Costa Rica to talk to owner Ivan Block (Ben Affleck).  Block recognizes Richie’s talent and immediately hires him at a guaranteed seven figure salary in the first 18 months.

Richie is soon loving life and Block’s girlfriend, Rebecca (Gemma Arterton), until FBI agent Shavers (Anthony Mackie) pays him a visit.  It seems Block is on their most wanted list for a whole string of illegal activities.  Block is used to paying off Costa Rican officials and convinces Richie it’s just the way you do business.  Once Richie recognizes that Block is an amoral, cruel sob who is using him, he devises a  way out with a little sting job.

Both Affleck and Timberlake look great.  Costa Rica is beautiful.  John Heard plays Richie’s dad.  The real critics have given this a bad rating but I thought it was pretty interesting.  There’s a few hard to watch scenes, especially when Block feeds a couple of men to the alligators,