Don Jon

Posted on September 30, 2013


Don Jon – Oh, my, I thought this was going to be a lightweight romantic comedy about a guy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who just happened to occasionally watch porn.  Well, it sort of is.  But it could classify as a pretty much of a porn movie itself since it shows the porn he’s watching – which is about all he does.  Supposedly he’s a bartender somewhere yet you never seen him there.  He’s just out having a good time with his boys, rating the girls and trying to get in their pants.  He has no problem there – that’s the reason the boys call him Don Jon.    For reasons I won’t discuss here, he really prefers his porn until he meets Barbara Sugarman (Scarlett Johansson). 

Once he gets her to bed, he’s back at it.  He goes  to confession every Sunday for absolution,  goes to the gym and recites Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s while he works on his hard body, and has dinner with the family weekly. Tony Danza plays Jon, Sr. and wears old man undershirts to show off his very nice body for a 60-plus old man.  Brie Larson is sister Angela who does nothing but play on her iPhone.  She has two lines, but they really count.  Julianne Moore is Esther, the woman who gets him to eventually rethink things.   She does a good job with her part, but I would have thought this movie would be beneath her.  Same even with Johannson.

In addition to starring in Don Jon, Gordon-Levitt also wrote and directed it.  There’s a lot of the F word – no, let’s  make that  an overabundance of the F word.  Really, it is an overabundance.  In addition to starring in it, Gordon-Levitt wrote and directed the movie.