The Family

Posted on September 15, 2013


The Family – Giovanni Manzoni, now Fred Blake, (Robert DeNiro) under witness protection since he ratted out his “family”, can’t seem to give up his old ways.  Piss him off and he kills you.  Wife Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer) , daughter Belle (Diana Agron – a 27 year old playing a 17 year old- not believable), and son Warren (John D’Leo) have all picked up a few pointers from him.  Maggie blows up a grocery store, Belle beats boys to a pulp, and Warren asks for a lawyer when confronted by the school board.

 Recently relocated to Normandy, France, the family doesn’t fit in with the condescending French folks even after they invite the whole neighborhood to a cook-out.  Both Fred and Maggie feel the need to confess.  Fred does it by writing his memoirs.  Maggie goes to confession only to have the priest reject her. 

 It’s occasionally funny but not clever.  There’s brutality, a couple of gruesome scenes and Pfeiffer’s Bronx accent varies throughout.   Tommy Lee Jones is Stan, the FBI protector – and well, you just can’t help loving TLJ no matter what he does.   You may want to save this one for an at-home viewing.