Posted on August 10, 2013


Elysium – It’s 2154, all the rich folks have left Earth because it’s in crappy shape and now live on the space station Elysium.  It’s mainly run by  Secretary Jessica Delacourt (Jodie Foster) who has less compassion than the robots that serve her.  She’s determined to keep out the illegal immigrants from Earth who want to take advantage of the super cool Med Pods – they’re kind of like an overall MRI machine that can change a sick, broken body back into a perfectly healthy specimen. 

 Little Max DaCosta vows to get there one day.  Max (Matt Damon)  grows up, spends time in prison, reforms somewhat and then is exposed to a lethal dose of radiation at his manufacturing job.  In exchange for helping steal a computer program stored in the mind of the manufacturing company’s CEO, he’s given an exoskeleton and offered a trip to Elysium to get cured. 

 This is a very violent, gruesome movie.  The fights last forever.  Jodie Foster does a superb job as the cold, close to evil, caring not a whit about others, leader.  I’m counting more on Damon’s next movie, The Monument’s Men.