2 Guns

Posted on August 3, 2013


2 Guns – Instead of the good guys against the bad guys, this is the bad guys against the badder guys.  Denzel Washington (Bobby T) and Mark Wahlberg (Michael “Stig” Stigman) partnered up to rob a bank, neither knowing the other is undercover.  Bobby is a DEA agent and Stig, with a penchant for winking,  is US Navy Intel.  There’s not a lot  of trust between them, but they can’t help liking each other.  The $3 million they thought drug cartel boss Papi (Edward James Olmos) had stashed in the bank, turns out to be $43.215 million instead and it belongs to the CIA – everybody’s dirty.

 It is violent in many places, including a game of shooting the heads off chickens while chickens are buried up to their necks – just know it’s not real.  Bobby has this line of “You saying that to say what?” that’s pretty neat and Stig looks like he’s just having a great time all the time.  Paula Patton is Deb, the woman Bobby wanted to love; and Bill Paxton is always so good as a nasty, hard a–.

 Even with the cringing violence, this is a funny, entertaining movie.  For instance, they lock up the police before they rob the bank.  I do wish Wahlberg would lose the gum – no one looks good chewing.