Red 2

Posted on July 19, 2013


Red 2 – Retired CIA Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) teams up again with Marvin (John Malkovich) when they find out there’s a contract on Frank.  Mary Louise Parker is fun as Sarah, Frank’s girlfriend, who wants to be in on the action while she hates ex-girlfriend Katya (Catherine Zeta Jones).  Anthony Hopkins is his superb self who at first seems just a slightly crazy scientist who’s been locked up for 32 years but then you find out he’s totally mad.  A creepy guy that used to be on Desperate Housewives is here playing an even creepier guy.   The group  travels to Paris, London, Moscow trying to keep out of harm’s way.

 It’s an action comedy with some totally outrageous tricks.  Car chases and wrecks that no one could really survive, gun tricks – see Victoria (Helen Mirren) with a gun in each hand, shooting out of both car windows.  Several abrupt scene changes.  And a lot of whirling and kicking from Lee Byung-hun who is offered $20M to take out Frank.