Despicable Me 2

Posted on July 8, 2013


Despicable Me 2 – Gru (Steve Carell) is domesticated now, raising the three little girls and running a jam and jelly-making factory with the help of Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand) and the minions. 

The AVL comes calling.    They feel his former villain abilities can be useful in saving the world from a deadly potion PX41 that can turn yellow minions into purple people eaters.  Gru finds he has an admirer in  Agent Lucy Wilde (Kristen Wiig) and he finds her quite attractive not to mention she can fight off bad guys as well as he can.  She also has a car that can swim.

Agnes, Margo and Edith haven’t lost an ounce of their cuteness.  You just have to laugh at the minions giggling (they thought the name Ramsbottom was really funny) and then there’s a fart gun.

Grab the kids and go see this.  Or leave ‘em at home if you prefer and just enjoy by yourself.