Now You See Me

Posted on June 13, 2013


Now You See Me – Four magicians (Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco) are brought together by a secret summons.  Soon they become known as the Four Horsemen, first pulling off a huge bank robbery and giving the money to their audience.  They appear to always be one step ahead of the bungling cops, led by Mark Ruffalo as Dylan Rhodes, while Morgan Freeman (Thaddeus Bradley) patiently explains how it’s all just sleight of hand.  Like Oceans 11,  you’re hoping they don’t get caught ‘cause they’re making the bad guys (Michael Caine as Arthur Tressler) pay.

 I thought it was a lot of fun.  Woody Harrelson is cool as always, especially when he’s putting Daniel (Eisenberg) down.  Dave Franco is kinda cool, too.  He plays Jack Wilder (jacks are wild?) who can get past any lock.  There’s a little history lesson on magic thrown in.  Morgan Freeman stayed awake the whole time.