The Big Wedding

Posted on May 2, 2013


The Big Wedding – I’m sure the real critics trashed this but if you’re in the mood for silly fun, it’s not bad.  The premise is totally implausible.  Alejandro (Ben Barnes) the adopted son of a divorced couple (Robert DeNiro and Diane Keaton), is getting married.  The father has been happily involved with another (Susan Sarandon) for past 10+ years.  Son’s biological Columbian mother (Patricia Rae) is strict Catholic and decides to come to wedding so mom and dad pretend to still be married.  Father (David Rasche) of wife to be (Amanda Seyfreid) is being investigated for stock fraud and mother (Christine Ebersole) is a part-time lesbian.

Side story with Katherine Heigl, biological daughter to DeNiro & Keaton, has left her husband before he left her and is pregnant.  Biological son Jared (Topher Grace) is an almost 30- year-old virgin saving himself for marriage until he meets Alejandro’s biological sister (Ana Ayora).  Robin Williams is Father Monigihan.

It looks like the cast had a lot of fun making the movie.  Diane Keaton is eternally cool and DeNiro is a tad old-man-gross.  The house they live in is fab-u-lous along with beautiful gardens and a perfect setting surrounded by water somewhere in Connecticut.  Michael Buble does a great rendition of Save The Last Dance For Me at the end.