Posted on April 28, 2013


The Company You Keep – After a member (Susan Sarandon) of the Weathermen, a 1960/1970s radical group, is arrested for a 30-year-old robbery and murder, a persistent reporter finds out that another member (Robert Redford) has been hiding in his city in plain sight.   Shia LaBouef as Ben Shepard searching for the truth and possibly for a name for himself is all Woodward and Bernstein-y.  He uses his charm and sometimes plain old bribes to find out answers.  A hard-nosed FBI agent wants answers, too, but those involved don’t want to give it up. 

 The show has a great cast – from Susan Sarandon to Terrence Howard to Sam Elliott to Nick Nolte to Richard Jenkins to Chris Cooper to Julie Christie to Stanley Tucci and others.  For that alone, the movie is worth seeing.  It brings back the history of the Vietnam-era protests to those who remember and those who don’t.

It’s very well done for the most part, but I wanted more from the ending.  It didn’t quite deliver on its promises.  Also, Redford is way too old to play the father to an 11 year old.  He could be her great grandfather for goodness sake.  And he runs like a girl, no offense to girls.