Posted on April 27, 2013


Mud – Two 14-year-old boys, Ellis and Neckbone, cross from the Arkansas river into the Mississippi, and onto a small island.  There they find a boat in a tree and a wild looking, superstitious man known as Mud who’s living in it.     Mud (Matthew McConaughey) tells them he killed a man who hurt the woman (Juniper) he’s loved since he was younger than them.  The boys are a little wary of him at first.  Ellis (Tye Sheridan), especially, has a romanticized view of love and thinks that’s reason enough to help.  He’s watching his own parents’ marriage break apart and discovering his first love.

 Reese Witherspoon is Juniper – she looks worn out and put up wet, as they say. I’m figuring this was before her run-in with the Georgia police.   Sam Shepard is Tom Blankenship who was the “closest thing to a father” that Mud ever knew.  Ray McKinnon is Senior, father to Ellis and looking like a very young Sam Shepard, I thought.  Joe Don Baker is King, father to the brother of the man Mud shot or maybe he’s just a bounty hunter – never was quite sure of this.

There’s a poetic feel about some of the movie, the scenery,  and the story.  It seems to drift off a bit midway, yet it’s a really good movie. McConaughey is tough and gritty, sort of a combination of Eastwood and DeNiro.  He does not make himself pretty and I like that, even though I know underneath he’s pretty.

 To me, it’s more a “coming of age” story and the two young boys do a superb job.