Posted on April 21, 2013


42 – Back in the racially segregated 1940s, Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Bozeman) was college educated, a 2nd lieutenant in the Army, and he was black.  Brooklyn Dodgers president Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford) decided it was time to let everyone play America’s favorite game, baseball.  Not everyone agreed that was a good idea.  With Rickey’s guidance, Robinson learned to keep his temper in check even while an ignorant ‘bacca chawing redneck yelled insults at him.  He stayed calm and just let his talent speak for itself.  

This is a good history lesson about baseball and about how much Robinson contributed to the game for both blacks and whites.  It shows how teamwork can accomplish and achieve anything.  There are several tv actors in this.  I especially liked Andre Holland (1600 Penn, Friends with Benefits) as the sportswriter.  And remember Max Gail (Wojo on Barney Miller) – he plays a long-retired player brought back to manage the team.

Stay for the credits just to hear the last two songs, one being “Baseball’s a game anyone can play” and another about Jackie.