Posted on March 30, 2013


Admission – I thought this “romantic comedy” would be a light, fluffy piece.  It actually felt heavy and a bit of a downer.  Tina Fey is Portia, an admission officer at Princeton.  Paul Rudd is John, head of an alternative school.  John has a brilliant student he thinks is worthy of Princeton and, by the way, could very well be Portia’s son who she gave up for adoption when she was in college.  Portia’s long-time live-in boyfriend Mark (Michael Sheen)…and you immediately wonder how in the world these two ever got together…has a problem.  He’s been having an affair which turned into a pregnancy. 

Portia tries really hard to get Jeremiah, her possible son, accepted.  We listen to a dozen or so applicants pleading their case for admission and watch as the “judges” turn them down.    Lily Tomlin plays Portia’s mother, a free spirit who claims to not know Portia’s father’s name.  Others in the cast include Gloria Reuben (TV’s ER) and Wallace Shawn (the little short guy from The Princess Bride).

 Cheap shot but I’m forced to say it – Admission:  it’s not worth the price of it.


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