Posted on March 23, 2013


Emperor – It’s 1945 in US-occupied Japan.  General Douglas MacArthur (Tommy Lee Jones) and friends want to convict and hang Emperor Hirochito for war crimes.  Brigadier General Bonner Fellers (Matthew Fox)  is sent to investigate. He also wants to find the girl he loved when he was previously in Japan.

 The Japanese worship their emperor as a god.  It’s interesting to see how their thinking is so different from ours.  They do not like directness.  They value loyalty, obedience, devotion and can be completely ruthless. Okay, maybe there are some similarities.  In the end, it seems to show that just talking can be key.

 Jones plays the blustering MacArthur with his colorful language like you’d expect.  He loves being called “Supreme Commander”, and who wouldn’t?  At least in the first third, Fox and Jones both seem to be acting like bad actors on purpose.  Some beautiful scenery in Japan.  I like the simplicity of the homes and buildings.