Beasts of the Southern Wild

Posted on February 2, 2013


Beasts of the Southern Wild – What an extraordinary movie.  It’s about a small group of folks living in a bayou of Louisiana, known as The Bathtub,  that’s basically cut off from civilization.  Squalid does not begin to describe their living conditions yet they seem fairly happy.  They stay drunk most of the time which could account for it.  Centered around an angry father (Dwight Henry) and his fierce little daughter named Hushpuppy (Quvenzhane Wallis), it’s  part real, part fantasy and completely mesmerizing.

 When a storm comes and destroys most of what little they have, they still do not want to leave.  Even a mandatory evacuation can’t keep them away for long.  The father is dying and Hushpuppy goes off to find her mother.  Maybe she finds her, maybe she doesn’t.   

 This is the first time acting for both Henry and little Q.  She’s been nominated for Best Actress and deservedly so.  Such a wide range of emotions play across her face.  And the determination and  toughness she shows in her little body – how does a five- year-old know to evoke that?  It will be very interesting to watch her grow.