Gangster Squad

Posted on January 15, 2013


Gangster Squad – Sean Penn is nasty, mean, sadistic crime boss Mickey Cohen in the 1940s.  He has most of the Los Angeles cops and court in his pocket.  Josh Brolin is John O’Mara, an honest cop and former WW veteran.  Chief of Police Parker (Nick Nolte)  asks O’Mara to recruit a few good cops to secretly rid the town of Cohen.  O’Mara’s pregnant wife Connie helps him in the selection process, personally picking out Jerry Wooters played by that mouthwatering morsel Ryan Gosling.   The gangster squad, begins taking down Cohen’s operations and the line starts to blur between the good guys and the bad guys. 

I think I must be getting desensitized to violence as this is one bloody, brutal shoot ‘em up.  It’s balanced out somewhat by the relationships between Wooters and Grace (Emma Stone), John and Connie O’Mara, and the squad’s own family-feel.  There’s also a chance to see cars and clothes from the 40s.  Both Penn and Gosling are very well-tailored.  The walkie-talkie used by O’Mara is about the size of a VW Beetle.   Michael Pena and Robert Patrick are two of the squad members who add to the ensemble cast.