Django: Unchained

Posted on December 29, 2012


Django:  Unchained – This movie is hilarious with Quentin Tarantino’s wicked, dark humor.  It is also one of the most violent ever.  Many scenes I could not watch at all – from the dogs ripping people apart to the people ripping people apart to the beatings and shootings.  It’s a blood bath.  But between those horrific scenes, there are some brilliantly funny happenings, such as the hooded guys discussing, in a very civilized way, whether they should wear the bags with the lopsided eye cutouts or wait until they get better made ones. 

 Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds) is Dr. King Schultz, an erudite, extremely confident bounty hunter.  He uses his dental wagon as a cover.  Dr. Schultz gives Django -the D is silent-(Jamie Foxx) his freedom in exchange for helping him find a couple of outlaws.  Django is very pleased when he gets to pick out his own clothes and ends up in a Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit.  The good doctor also agrees to help him find and free Django’s wife (Kerry Washington) from a slave plantation known as Candyland owned by Calvin Candie, Leonardo DiCaprio. 

 It’s a very long movie with many names in it, including Mr. Tarantino himself, and Don Johnson who gets to dress in an all-white suit again.  Although his part is small, he’s the ultimate plantation owner.  Samuel L. Jackson is Stephen, head of the staff of Candyland, and does not like Django or any black man or woman who steps out of their place. 

 Set in 1858, a few years before the Civil War, it tells of a period in our history when slavery was accepted as a matter of course.  I understand some people are saying the movie is offensive.  It seems to me you can choose to be offended or not.