Playing for Keeps

Posted on December 9, 2012


Playing For Keeps – There is absolutely nothing that you haven’t seen before in this story but good acting from several stars keeps you entertained.  Former soccer star George (Gerard Butler) decides to get his life back on track and wants ex-wife Stacie (Jessica Biel) and son Lewis (Noah Lomax) back, too.  Stacie is about to get married again.    George starts coaching  10-year-old Lewis’ soccer team.  All the kids and their moms are quite happy about it.  Maybe a little too much so.

  Catherine Zeta-Jones is very skinny and has lost most of her natural beauty to a plastic surgeon.  Dennis Quaid is good as the obnoxious Carl who  thinks he can buy everything and everyone.  Uma Thurman is his long-suffering wife Patti.  Her face has been worked on, too, but she still has that great body.

George’s nosy landlord is one of the best parts.  Jessica Biel makes the most of her role, and the little boy is really good.  I know the real critics panned it, but I kind of liked it.  It’s just a nice little romantic comedy.  You can wait for the dvd though.


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