Life of Pi

Posted on November 23, 2012


Life of Pi – A sometimes-magical fantasy adventure story about a young boy lost on the Pacific with a Bengal tiger in a lifeboat. Suraj Sharma is the 17-year-old Pi  who was raised in a zoo, owned by his father, in Pondicherry, India.   The family decides to move to Canada and their ship goes down during a horrendous storm.  Pi is the lone human survivor.  He struggles to stay alive and to keep the tiger alive so the tiger doesn’t eat him.     Richard Parker is the tiger’s name.  At one point, they end up on a island inhabited with only meerkats – they look like gophers – and carnivorous plants.  All his young life, Pi has been looking for God in every religion he meets.  When he’s finally rescued after 227 days, I believe he’s found that God has been inside him all along. 

 Director Ang Lee merges sea and sky with explosions of color, including a hailstorm of fish.  How that tiger appears to be right in the lifeboat with Pi is amazing.  It’s a very nice story.  Gerard Depardieu has a teeny role as a really nasty cook.