Posted on November 12, 2012


Skyfall – Nobody does it better – than Xavier Bardem as the absolutely mad Raoul Silva.  He’s out to get M (Judi Dench) for what he considers her betrayal of him.  He is positively brilliant and will most certainly be nominated for an Academy Award.

M’s job is on the line after a disk is lost with valuable MI6 contact information.  Intelligence & security chief Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) strongly suggests she retire.  Being the tough old bird she is, she refuses.

Several more agents are killed and M’s computer is hacked.   Bond (Daniel Craig) comes back to help.  He’s been presumed dead but was just on an island drinking and having casual sex. 

It takes a while for the movie to get going.  Some scenes are totally unbelievable like riding motorbikes over rooftops and Bond getting shot,  freefalling 200 feet, and walking away.  Once bleached blond Bardem shows up though, you can’t look away. 

Ben Whishaw is back as the highly confident Q and gets taken down just a notch.  Naomie Harris is a field agent who ends up being Miss Moneypenny, Bond’s secretary.  Albert Finney is Kincade, the caretaker of Skyfall, Bond’s family home in Scotland.  Adele sings the title song, Skyfall.  I think there’s a possibility Bond’s  wearing butt pads.