Posted on November 4, 2012


Flight – Don’t you just love Denzel?  Age has taken a bit of the pretty off him, but he still has that smile.  This is a movie about addiction.  Alcohol, cocaine, and stuff that I don’t have a clue about.  It starts off with a little T&A.  Denzel Washington as Capt. Whip Whitaker, is a highly functioning alcoholic in a major state of denial.  After a night of heavy drinking, he swigs some beer, snorts a line, puts on his Ray Charles glasses and struts off to pilot his 737.  Heavy turbulence makes for a nail-biting ride.  That gets settled, then hydraulic power is lost.  Capt. Whitaker goes into overdrive, calmly directing his co-pilot and main flight attendant.  He inverts the plane, glides it to a safe but heavy-impact landing, and 96 of the 102 souls on board are still alive.  (Yeah, they called them “souls” instead of passengers.)  Capt. Sully has nothing on Whitaker.  NTSB accepts – after proving it – that what he did was miraculous, however, that little drinking thing comes into play. 

John Goodman, who keeps popping up everywhere,  is delightful, as always, as Whitaker’s friend and drug dealer. Don Cheadle – he has not aged a minute in 20 years – gets the toxicology report thrown out but still can’t keep the drunk from drinking.  Melissa Leo has a small part as Ellen Block – she uses her eyeglasses very effectively. 

Nudity.  Language.  AA meetings and some Jesus folks.  The audience applauded at the end.