Here Comes The Boom

Posted on October 14, 2012


Here Comes the Boom – Not being an Adam Sandler fan, this was better than I expected.  Produced by Sandler, it has some of his silly sophomoric humor – crotch shots and food fights, but it has heart, too.  Likable Kevin James stars as unmotivated biology teacher Scott Voss,  2002’s Teacher of the Year.   He also teaches a citizenship class in the evening.  Budget constraints are forcing the school to cut out the music program yet, of course, keeping the football program solid.  Voss, a former college wrestler, decides he can lose at MMA – mixed martial arts, code for “no holds barred” – and still make enough money, $48,000 is needed, to keep music teacher Marty’s (Henry Winkler) job.  As Scott and Marty train to fight, they get help from students in all their classes along with fellow teacher Bella (Salma Hayek).  They also inspire the students and motivate themselves.

When an opponent makes an entrance using Scott’s theme song, Marty has to quickly change to another and comes up with Neil Diamond’s “Holly Holy.”  It seems a bit wimpy when he first uses it, but wait until you hear star student Melia (Charice) sing it when they go to Las Vegas for the UFC tournament.  It’ll knock your socks off.  There are a couple of “Rocky” moments as well as a touch of “Mr. Holland’s Opus” here and there.    Even though you know the fighting is as fake as that in the WWF, it’s still pretty brutal.  Several people – Joe Rogan & Bruce Buffer – played themselves.  I never heard of them but apparently they’re involved in MMA type fighting.  This is not a must see by any means but you may want to rent it sometime this winter.