Taken 2

Posted on October 7, 2012


Taken 2 – The fathers of the guys Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) killed last time for trying to sell off young girls into sex slavery, including his daughter, are out for revenge.  It gets a little intense as they go after the Mills family.  Ex-wife Lennie (Famke Janssen) is caught and prepared for dissection, starting with  her lightly botoxed face.  Mills stays ahead by killing them off one by one until he, too, is chained in a tenement basement.  Daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) is on the run and eventually gets to help by driving a taxi really, really fast – she hasn’t yet passed her driving exam.

 There’s not much to the story – just chasing, torturing, killing, with Mr. Neeson kicking butt.  Sometimes that’s all you need.  A bare-handed fight adds a little fun.  Several scenes were not watchable by me.  Kim’s boyfriend Jamie (Luke Grimes “Brothers & Sisters” and Robert Pattison look-alike) gets limited screen time.  I doubt there’ll be a Taken 3 – personally, don’t think my nervous system could take it.