Posted on September 30, 2012


Looper  – If you want time to slow down, go see this movie.  It takes two hours and turns them into five.  I thought this was going to be a cool sci-fi about time travel.  It is about time travel, just confusing and plain ridiculous through the first half.  Excruciating violence, blood, and killings galore by dudes in long black coats.  In 2044, Loopers are hired guns who go into the past and kill off guys deemed by mobsters to be baddies.  All of a sudden, they’re standing in a field and a hooded person appears on his knees in the same field and lickety-split the Looper shoots him.  Soon, though, the Loopers are closing the loop and end up killing their future selves because Abe (Jeff Daniels) wants all the silver bars for himself.  That’s really just a guess as I’m not sure of his reasoning.

Once Bruce Willis (Joe 2) comes on, it gets a little better, especially in a diner scene with Joe 1 (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) when he tries to explain what happens in the future.  Joe 2 wants to stop it from having happened by going into the past-past and killing off the Rainmaker.   I think the Rainmaker is Abe.  Then there’s this six year old boy named Cid (Pierce Gagnon) who starts out as a cute, sweet kid with special abilities.  Like the Hulk, do not piss this kid off.  He has a dangerous temper and he’ll pin you to the wall. 

Anyway, it is a long, sometimes boring, movie.  It’s a shame such good actors decided to take on this somewhat psychotic story.

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