Trouble With The Curve

Posted on September 29, 2012


Trouble With The Curve – Clint Eastwood (Gus Lobel) is an aging,  make that old,  baseball scout who eats pizza and beer for breakfast, and has no use for today’s technology in evaluating and discovering new talent.  His employers think he’s past his prime and are watching him closely to make sure he doesn’t screw up in selecting their first pick for the season.

John Goodman plays Pete, Gus’ long-time best friend; Amy Adams is Gus’ daughter Mickey, named after guess who in baseball; and Justin Timberlake is Johnny, a former player signed by Gus who later sprained his shoulder and is now a competing scout.   Eastwood overdoes the angry, snarly look just a tad but otherwise is his usual fabulous self with emotions tamped down behind a grizzly, grouchy façade.   You can easily figure out what’s going to happen but it’s still fun to watch a couple of arrogant know it all’s get what they deserve.  Both Goodman and Timberlake are just so good, you want to put ‘em in your pocket and take ‘em home with you, although I’d make Goodman shave off his strange-looking moustache.

Although Eastwood doesn’t direct this, you can see his hand in it with the slow pacing and some cool street music.  Amy Adams has really great-looking hair.