The Words

Posted on September 9, 2012


The Words – It’s a story within a story within a story.  Famous author Clay Hammond (Dennis Quaid) is reading from his latest book, talking about” the old man.”  Switch to Bradley Cooper (Rory Jansen), a struggling writer living off handouts from his dad, he and his gorgeous  girlfriend Dora (Zoe Saklana) plan their life.  While honeymooning in Paris – maybe he’s not struggling that much – they come across an old briefcase in an antique store.  Later, Rory discovers a beautifully written manuscript inside the briefcase and retypes it just to get the feel of writing such words.  Dora sees it on his computer, naturally believes it’s his and insists he takes it to his publisher.  Rory easily adjusts to the perks of being a successful writer.  Enter the old man (Jeremy Irons) who follows Rory to a park and begins to tell him a story of a young man in Paris, 1944.  Back to Hammond reading the second part of his book.

 I’ve seen this described as a visually stunning movie and it is – the photography is excellent.  Some black and white, lots of light, weather that makes the green leaves ripple perfectly.  All the actors do great jobs but especially Jeremy Irons even though there’s no way you could mistake him for a down and out old man.  I’m guessing the Academy will nominate him for Best Supporting Actor.  Olivia Wilde is Danielle, the young version of the old man’s wife.  J.K.  Simmons is Rory’s father and John Hannah is publishing agent.  It’s interesting to wonder how you would have handled the situation if it had happened to you.