Hope Springs

Posted on August 9, 2012


Hope Springs – When husband Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones) rejects Kay’s (Meryl Streep) timid advances, she decides it’s time for couples counseling.  After 31 years of marriage, they’re in separate bedrooms and Arnold seems content, not really happy, but content with that.  Kay, however, wants to bring back intimacy and some life into their life.  She sets up an appointment for a week in Maine with Dr. Bernie (Steve Carell).  Grumbling all the way, Arnold goes along with her but is highly uncomfortable discussing his sex life with a complete stranger.  Actually, Kay is too.  They both eventually open up and reveal things neither knew about the other.

The story unfolds slowly and methodically which was probably the best way it could be told.  Jones is excellent in a grumpy Walter Matthau way.   Streep is natural as always, she just becomes the character – you feel her pain.  There are lots of funny moments throughout, and there are relationship issues that rarely are discussed in movies.  Steve Carell does a really good job in a serious role as the therapist. 

 Don’t go expecting “It’s Complicated.”  Hope Springs is completely different yet will appeal to the same audience.

PS – Notice that one morning when Kay fixes Arnold’s usual breakfast of one egg with one slice of bacon, there are two eggs on his plate.