To Rome With Love

Posted on August 3, 2012


To Rome With Love  – As the name implies, the story is set in beautiful Rome.    It’s a peek into several lives.  Woody Allen (Jerry) is a retired music agent whose daughter’s future father-in-law (Antonio Albanese) just happens to be a great opera singer as long as he’s singing in the shower.  In a case of mistaken identity, “working girl” (Penelope Cruz) visits a young husband in his hotel room and has to be introduced as his wife while his actual good girl wife accidentally meets her favorite actor and visits his hotel room.  Jesse Eisenberg (Jack) runs into renowned architect Alec Baldwin (John) who used to live in Rome.   Jack is happy with girlfriend Sally (Greta Gerwig) until her best friend Monica (Ellen Page) comes to visit.  John tells Jack there’s no way this can work.  Possibly this was exactly what happened in John’s life 30 years earlier.

 The best story is when an ordinary middle-aged clerk is turned into a celebrity just because the media decided it was a good idea.  They analyze every tiny bit of his life in painstaking detail, from whether he likes white or wheat, briefs or boxers, side or middle part, and the public can’t get enough.  Think Kardashians. 

 Woody Allen is getting better with age, I do believe.  He did a great job directing Midnight in Paris.  Here, he acts and directs with just the right amount of neurotic behavior.