Moonrise Kingdom

Posted on July 15, 2012


Moonrise Kingdom – It’s 1965 on New Penzance Island and a couple of 12 year olds have planned apparently for a year to run away together.  Their names are Sam and Suzy (made me think of Muskrat Suzy, Muskrat Sam).  He’s an orphan living with a foster family who no longer wants him. She’s considered a troubled child – could be all that heavy eye makeup she wears.   After resigning from his Boy Scout troop, they set up camp several miles from home and start exploring each other.  There’s a  touch of Blue Lagoon here.  Scout Master (Edward Norton) along with the other scouts, Island Policeman  Capt. Sharp (Bruce Willis), and Suzy’s parents (Bill Murray and Frances McDormand) soon find them.  After realizing the young couple is “really in love”, the other scouts decide to help them escape again.

 This is very much like a Picket Fences style movie – stiff and serious in a funny way, and more than a little outside the box.  For instance, Suzy asks Sam “Was he a good dog?”  Sam answers “Who’s to say?”   The boy scout leaders are more like military commanders.  Willis is great here with his slightly too short pants showing off his white socks.  Bill Murray wears pants stolen from Steve Martin’s wild and crazy guy scenes. 

 There’s beautiful artwork, beautiful scenery and some great music – from Hank Williams “Kaw Liga”  to classical.  The cameraman shoots most of it way up close or at least with a zoom lens so even in the penultimate row, I felt I was too close to the screen.  Do stay through credits – in fact, I recommend always staying through the credits.