The Amazing Spiderman

Posted on July 4, 2012


The Amazing Spiderman – And it is kind of amazing.  Little Spidey aka young Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is left with Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) and Aunt May (Sally Field) when his parents covertly take off with no explanation.  Now a teenager he finds his father’s  briefcase containing a formula on cross species genetics and goes looking for dad’s former partner, Curt Connors.  Curt is in the process of  regenerating body parts thereby eliminating what he refers to as weakness in  humans. Connors himself has only half an arm on one side.  While checking out the lab, Peter gets bitten by a spider.  The fun begins as he tries out all his new abilities…super quick reflexes, leaping and climbing buildings, slamming basketballs, the list is endless.

 In the meantime, he has met and is soon smitten by the lovely Gwen (Emma Stone) who is not only mentored by the mad scientist Connors but her father (Denis Leary) is captain of the police force.   When mice start growing new legs, Connors starts injecting the stuff into his own arm.  At first it appears to work, then he turns into a very ugly version of The Hulk with a tail.  Can you say disgusting?  The rest of the movie is all about stopping Connors and proving to the captain that Spiderman is really trying to help.  Lots of tension, some laughs, some really nice help from a crane operator.  It’s pretty good, and there will definitely be a sequel.