Posted on July 3, 2012


Ted – A little boy wishes his teddy bear was real and the teddy bear starts walking and talking.  He becomes a celebrity for a short time, making all the talk shows.  Interest fades and it’s just the bear and the boy, bff’s growing up together.  They get older but don’t really grow up, spending most of their time lazing around, playing games only they understand and getting high.

Mark Wahlberg is John Bennett, a 35 year old afraid of thunder, now in a four-year relationship with Lori (Mila Kunis) and still living with Ted (Seth MacFarlane).  Lori is ready for their relationship to progress to the next level but Ted keeps bringing John down to his level.  John loves both of them and wants to keep both in his life.

Highlights include a creepy guy,  who’s been fixated on Ted since he saw him on Johnny Carson, kidnapping Ted for his son;  a car chase;  and Mark Wahlberg proving he can’t sing.  As you’d expect with Seth MacFarlane, there’s a lot of low-brow humor –  some of it’s pretty funny, some of it’s pretty gross.  I actually started believing Ted was  real.  He has a human girlfriend and manages to, um,  satisfy her.

Several people make appearances as themselves –Norah Jones in concert,  Tom Skerritt, and  Sam Jones as Flash Gordon,  Ryan Reynolds makes a cameo as a gay guy.