Posted on June 29, 2012


Magic Mike – It’s a little light porn, a lot of use of the F word, and a somewhat trite story that’s supposed to be based on Channing Tatum’s life.  But, hey, you get to see a Chippendale show with Matthew McConaughey (Dallas) and Tatum as Magic Mike.  Dallas, wearing leather pants tantalizingly low, is the sleazy operator of an all male show with Magic Mike as the headliner.  His thighs rival Springsteen’s and he’s got some dance moves that not many white boys can pull off.

 Mike meets a 19 year old that he and Dallas think has potential.  They call him The Kid (Alex Pettyfer) and soon he starts getting lots of dollars stuffed down his pants, too.  The Kid gets sucked into the seamy side of the lifestyle.  He also has a sister (Cody Horn) that Mike likes and Mike is faced with a decision of whether to use the money he’s saved for his furniture making business or  to save the kid from himself.  Then he has to decide whether to keep on taking off his clothes.  Like I said,  it’s not a great story.

There are some light moments and lots of skin – nice, oiled, hard muscled skin.  It’s your choice.

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