Posted on June 24, 2012


Brave – A lively young Scottish girl named Merida rides a Clydesdale (without being hitched to a Budweiser wagon, that horse can fly) and scales mountains while resisting the attempts of her mother, the queen, to make her into a  perfect princess.   She challenges the tradition of a family’s first born competing for her hand in marriage by outshooting everyone in a game of archery.  Instead of being more about Merida asserting her independent spirit, the story sort of falters when she gets help from a witch to change her mother’s mind and get her to listen to what she wants.

 The beginning and the ending are good with a message that we all should be able to choose our own fate.  There are many laughs, especially from the three little red-haired triplet brothers who are quite the pranksters.  I enjoyed the lyrical accents and Scottish music which sounded Irish to me.  The best thing though is Merida’s big wonderful red hair.  It’s a good family movie so take the younger kids and enjoy.

 There was a short beforehand “Laluna” which was really clever.  The grandfather and father in it both sound like Marlon Brando in The Godfather.