Posted on June 10, 2012


Bernie – Told from the viewpoint of the residents of small town Carthage, Texas, Bernie is the story of the much loved funeral director, make that assistant funeral director, Berne Tiede (Jack Black).  Bernie loves his job and takes special care of the dead, making them look their very best before they are buried or cremated.  He has only good things to say about even the worst of them.    Everyone thinks he’s just the sweetest man, especially the LOLs  – that’s little old ladies.  Some wonder why he doesn’t have much to do with women his own age.  Just watch him skipping on his tiptoes and you’ll figure it out.

 Enter Mrs. Nugent (Shirley MacLaine), the meanest, richest widow around.  But Bernie doesn’t let that stop him from being as nice to her as he is all the other widows.  Soon they’re spending so much time together, going to dinner, going to plays, taking cruises, etc. the town starts to talk.  Mrs. Nugent seems to blossom.  Are they/aren’t they?  You’ll just have to see it to find out.

 Matthew McConaughey is uglied up here as the redneck DA, Danny Buck Davidson.  It’s such a shame they hid his fine behind in a pair of sloppy suit pants.  All three stars, Black (who sings and dances, too), MacLaine and McConaughey, do great work, but just as important are the plain-spoken local townsfolks who are not the least bit politically correct.  This is a funny, funny movie.  Be sure to stay through the credits.