Posted on April 30, 2012


Safe – Luke Wright (Jason Statham) is a former cop and now low-ranked cage fighter – whatever that means.  His wife is killed by the Russian mob when he unknowingly fails to take a dive.  With nothing left to lose, he contemplates stepping in front of a subway where he spots a little Chinese girl (Catherine Chan) hiding from these same mobsters.  Mei has a computer-like mind and has been kidnapped by the Chinese mob to count and remember numbers so there will be no trace of their business dealings.    So we have all these bad guys; Russian, Chinese and a section of the NYPD (not any of the good, clean NY cops) who want Mei and the numbers she remembers.  The numbers lead to $30 million and a disc with enough evidence to blackmail all the baddies and then some.

 Once Luke figures out what’s going on, he trades his dirty sweats in for a custom tailored suit to show off his perfectly honed body and starts kicking butt.  There are  more outrageously impossible stunts and dead bodies than even little Mei can count.  And violence, we are talking brutal.  Not one single moment of dull here.   Surprisingly, I liked it even though I covered my eyes several times.  The ending leaves you with the thought that there might be a “Safer” in the next year or so.