Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

Posted on April 23, 2012


Salmon Fishing In The Yemen –  This is a film lover’s movie.   Directed by Lasse Hallstrom (Slumdog Millionaire and Chocolat), it’s about a sheikh’s dream of bringing salmon fishing to the desert.  Ewan McGregor plays Dr. Jones — and he’s just as charming and likable as that other Dr. Jones — an expert in fisheries, who is pulled and pushed into this  crazy adventure by Harriet (Emily Blunt) and the prime minister’s press secretary Kristin Scott Thomas. 

The sheikh, Amr Waked, has an enviable wardrobe of head wraps, and Scott-Thomas has an Olive Oyl hairdo and a wicked sense of humor.  Dr. Jones whose distant wife is concentrating on her career falls in love with Harriet whose short-time boyfriend is lost in Afghanistan –honestly, this is a comedy.  Just as it looks like they’re going to accomplish the impossible, it gets blown apart.  The scientific minded professor  begins to realize that belief and faith go a long way in accomplishing your goals.  I hate to say it’s a feel-good movie because that sounds hokey so it’s witty, creative and kind of makes you feel good all at same time.