Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds

Posted on March 3, 2012


Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds – Tyler Perry is Wesley Deeds, leading a perfect privileged life as a successful businessman, engaged to and living with the gorgeous  Natalie (Gabrielle Union).  His boring, predictable life comes into contact with the lovely Lindsey (Thandie Newton), a cleaning lady in his company’s building whose life is anything but.  She’s a single mom, way down on her luck, and it goes even lower.  Wesley, according to his mother, the very talented and underrated Phylicia Rashad (Mrs. Huxtable), likes “projects” – finding broken things, fixing them up and then selling them.

He begins helping Lindsey and her cute as a button daughter.  She resists at first, then they find they have a common love of Harleys, and she helps him get out of his rut.  Although there’s a good message here (you got to live your own dreams), the movie is as predictable and safe as Walter starts out being. 

There’s a whole lot of pretty in it and some majorly white teeth, including Wesley’s angry younger brother Walter played by Brian White.  Some good music, too, and you get to see Tyler Perry showing off a couple understated, cool dance moves.