Safe House

Posted on February 13, 2012


Safe House – The beginning of the movie doesn’t reveal anything as to what’s going on.  It’s a lot of impossible car chases, fast moving images, and automatic weapons firing.  Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) is a rogue spy brought to a “safe house” in Cape Town where CIA rookie Matt Weston (Ryan Reyolds) has been itching for a real assignment.  It’s a case of watch what you wish for.  The bad guys come barging in to take out Frost, and end up killing everyone else, which leaves Matt in charge of hiding Frost.  Matt doesn’t know who to trust as it soon appears they’re all bad guys including our own CIA boys. 


The fights are too many and too long.  Why don’t they learn that if you really want to kill someone, you go for the head shot and if you want to stop a car or the person in it, you shoot out the tires not the windshield?  Denzel starts out with a beard and tall hair before he shaves it all off and turns into the pretty thing we’re used to.  I may be wrong, but I really think I got a quick glance of a clean-shaven Denzel in between two bearded scenes in the first 15 minutes.  Remember how Tom Cruise ended up looking at his girlfriend from a distance in MI3, Ryan does same thing here.  Must be a spy thing.

Oh, Tim McGraw is shown on the credits, but I only saw what could have been his back which, given his acting ability, is not a bad thing.