Red Tails

Posted on January 26, 2012


Red Tails – Who knew that during WWII black fighter pilots had to fight to get the privilege of fighting? The 332nd division, known as Red Tails, were given the oldest planes and kept out of action because they were thought (by the Army War College) to not have the intelligence or courage to handle combat.  Well, when they finally got the chance these young men were able to make them eat those words and then some.  One, known as Joe “Lightning” Little, is cute, confident, an ace pilot, and just dying to take out some “jerries” while he romances an Italian girl.  Another has a love affair with a bottle.  One keeps his faith going with a picture of a black Jesus.  All want to serve their country.  Some of them, of course, did not come home but those who did deserved medals.

 Cuba Gooding, Jr. – with a Sherlock Holmes kind of pipe to make him look more serious than his usual happy face does – and Terence Howard are the main names here.  George Lucas spent his own money (of which he doubtless has plenty) to get this movie out.  It’s a great history lesson and should have been made 60 some years ago.

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